EntMetaData is a scripting object that manages a collection of properties in the form of key value pairs. EntMetaData objects are proxy objects: changes to the EntMetaData scripting object are not applied directly to the underlying InDesign object. Instead, the changed metadata is kept in memory and used in actions towards the Studio or Enterprise Server system initiated from scripting. These actions do change the underlying InDesign objects and afterwards the EntMetaData object is updated.


The keys used for the properties in the EntMetaData are the same as the field name properties. For a complete overview, see the Action property in the Studio Admin Guide. Custom properties are identified by their name prefixed with ‘C_’.

Below is a list with common properties, exceptions and sample values.

Key Type Description Sample Value
Core_ID string Object ID “123”
Core_Name string Name “32_Intro”
Core_Publication string Brand “WW News”
Core_Issue string Issue “2nd Issue”
Core_Section string Category “News”
Core_Basket string Status “Ready”
Type string Object Type “Article”, “Image”
LockedBy string In use by “woodwing”
RouteTo string Routed to “woodwing”
Comment string Comment “This image needs retouching”
Format string Object Format “application/indesign”
Editions Array of string Editions [ “North, “South” ]
Deadline string Deadline “2007-11-05T18:00:00”
CopyrightMarked string Copyright Marked “false”
C_ACUSTOMPROP string Custom property ‘A custom prop’ “A value”