Session.forkLogin(username, ticket, server, quick, requestInfo);


username string

The user name.

ticket string

The ticket of the existing login.

server string

Name of the location to log in to. This is the name of the entry in the server list of the WWSettings.xml file.

quick boolean (Optional)

Boolean that indicates if the login to the Enterprise or Studio Server system should be performed without retrieving session information or not. Default is false.

requestInfo Array of string (Optional)

The list of request information that should be obtained with the logon. When not specified all information will be requested.

Return value

The forkLogin() method does not return anything. It throws an exception in case of an error.


The forkLogin() method performs a login to the Enterprise or Studio Server system based on an existing login.


Example title

Supported versions

Adobe Version Supported
CC 2018
CC 2019

Single Sign-On

When logging in on servers which have Single Sign-On (SSO) enabled, the forkLogin() call will not work on clients except for InDesign Server. SSO is available for all Studio versions and the following Smart Connection versions:

Adobe Version Supported
CC 2018 v13.1+ ✔
CC 2019 v14.1+ ✔