Workflow.restoreFromArchive([pathInElvis] [, imageRestoreLocation]);


pathInElvis String (Optional)

The path in Assets where the images should be copied to. Might be empty. In that case the images are not restored and will be unlinked.

Only used in combination with the “Elvis_Copy” image restore location (defined in the script or in the Elvis Enterprise Server plug-in). For the other image restore locations this parameter can be empty.

imageRestoreLocation String (Optional)

Defines the restore location of images. When not defined the option as defined in the Elvis Enterprise Server plug-in is used. Possible values:

Value Description
Elvis_Copy The image is copied in Assets/Elvis and is linked via a Studio/Enterprise Server shadow object
Enterprise The image is copied to Studio or Enterprise Server

Return value Document

The restored Document object.


The restoreFromArchive() method restores the opened archived document from Assets as a new object in the Studio or Enterprise Server system. Throws an exception in case of an error. Change the metadata before calling restoreFromArchive().

Articles on the document will be copied to Studio or Enterprise Server and the Article Components will get new IDs. Spreadsheets are copied to Studio or Enterprise Server.


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