app.openObjects(server, ids [, readonly] [, instantiate] [, dossier]);


server string

The name of Studio or Enterprise Server (as defined in the WWSettings.xml file) from which the files should be opened.

objectId string[]

The IDs of the files that should be opened.

readonly boolean (Optional)

Defines if the file should be opened as read-only.

Default value: false.


instantiate boolean (Optional)

Defines if a new document should be instantiated from a template. The referenced file should therefore be a template; the parameter is ignored when the file is a regular layout or article.

Default value: true.

dossier string (Optional)

The ID of the default parent Dossier. Only used when instantiating Layout templates or Layout Module templates.

Default value: an empty string.

Return value

The openObjects() method does not return anything.


The openObject() method opens files from the Studio or Enterprise Server. It will give the user the possibility to log in when that is not yet the case. It does not throw errors for non existing objects. Not supported for InDesign Server.


Example title

Supported versions

Adobe Version Supported
2020 15.1+ ✔