app.openObject(objectId [, checkout] [, withWindow] [, type] [, dossierId]);


objectId string

The ID of the object to open on Studio or Enterprise Server

checkout boolean (Optional)

Pass false to open the document as read-only. For template files, pass false to open an instance instead of the original object. Default value is true.

withWindow boolean (Optional)

Pass false to open the document without opening a window. Default is true.

type string (Optional)

The object type. Default is an empty string.

dossierId string (Optional)

The ID of the default parent Dossier. Default is an empty string. The passed Dossier ID will be used as the default selected Dossier in the Save As dialog when creating an Article or Image from the Layout (if the document is a Layout).

server string (Optional) (Supported from v14.1)

The name of the server on which the object with the objectId is stored. When needed the user will get the possibility to log in to this server.

Return value Document

The Document object which is opened. Undefined when a Document could not be opened.


The openObject() method opens a Document from the Studio or Enterprise Server. Throws an exception in case of an error.


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